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Psoriasis Fun Walk 2014

This year's Psoriasis Fun Walk was held last October 26, 2014 at the San Andres Complex. This was followed by lunch at  Aristocrat restaurant along Roxas Blvd together with the Psoriasis club patients.

Psoriasis Club Celebrates 14th Anniversary

On June 5, 2013, the Psoriasis Club Celebrated their 14th Anniversary.  The club, spearheaded by Dr. Elizabeth Amelia Tianco and with the support of her Core Team (this year, Dr. Kara  Torres, Dr. Bikrant Dhakal, Dr. Elaine Aban, and Dr. Izza Yap)  continues to provide knowledge, support, and empowerment to patients with Psoriasis.  It has provided an avenue for patients to deal with more than just the physical effects of Psoriasis, but the emotional aspects as well. The club meets monthly on the second Wednesday of each month.  For more questions, contact us.

The Core Team


Psoriasis Club meets monthly, on the second Wednesday of each month

PsorClub Turns 14